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[Conference and Journal Papers]

PHALANX: Expendable Projectile Sensor Networks for Planetary Exploration [pdf]
M. Dille, D. Nuch, S. Gupta, S. McCabe, N. Verzic, T. Fong, U. Wong
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2020

Miniature 3D Microscope and Reflectometer for Space Exploration [pdf]
G. Pettersson, M. Dille, S. Abrahamsson, U. Wong
IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 2019

Planetary Rover Simulation for Lunar Exploration Missions [pdf]
M. Allan, U. Wong, T. Welsh, P. M. Furlong, S. McMichael, et al.
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2019
Best Paper in Track Award

Sampling-based Descent Trajectory Planning and Autonomous Landing Site Selection for Icy Moon Lander Missions [pdf]
A. Arora, P. M. Furlong, U. Wong, T. Fong
International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (i-SAIRAS), 2018

Structured Light-Based Hazard Detection for Planetary Surface Navigation [pdf]
A. Nefian, U. Wong, M. Dille, X. Bouyssounouse, L. Edwards, V. To, M. Deans, T. Fong
IEEE/RSJ Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IROS), 2017

Multi-modal Active Perception for Autonomously Selecting Landing Sites on Icy Moons [pdf]
A. Arora, P. M. Furlong, U. Wong, S. Sukkarieh, T. Fong
AIAA Space Forum, 2017

Safeguarding a Lunar Rover with Wald’s Sequential Probability Ratio Test [pdf]
P. M. Furlong, M. Dille, U. Wong, A. Nefian
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2016

Predicting Terrain Traversability from Thermal Diffusivity [pdf]
C. Cunningham, U. Wong, K. Peterson, W.L. Whittaker
International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (FSR), 2013

Mapping Planetary Caves with an Autonomous, Heterogeneous Robot Team [pdf]
A. Husain, H. Jones, B. Kannan, U. Wong, et al.
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2013

Lumenhancement: Exploiting Appearance for Planetary Modeling [pdf]
U. Wong
PhD Dissertation, CMU-RI-TR-12-12. Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012

Image-Directed Sampling for Geometric Modeling of Lunar Terrain [pdf]
U. Wong, B. Garney, C. Whittaker, W. Whittaker
International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (FSR), 2012

Complementary Flyover and Rover Sensing for Superior Modeling of Planetary Features [pdf]
H. Jones, U. Wong, K. Peterson, J. Koenig, et al.
International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (FSR), 2012

Comparative Evaluation of Range Sensing Technologies for Underground Void Modeling [pdf]
U. Wong, A. Morris, C. Lea, J. Lee, C. Whittaker, B. Garney, W. Whittaker
IEEE/RSJ Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IROS), 2011

Camera and LIDAR Fusion for Mapping of Actively Illuminated Subterranean Voids [pdf]
U. Wong, B. Garney, C. Whittaker, W. Whittaker
International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (FSR), 2009
Best Student Paper Award

An Analysis of the Human Odometer [pdf]
U. Wong, C. Lyons, S. Thayer
Tech. Report, CMU-RI-TR-05-47, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Presented at Advanced Personal Protective Equipment Conference, Oct 16-18, 2005

Use of Machine Learning Based on Constructive Induction in Dialogs with Robotic Heads
M. Perkowski, T. Sasao, A. Iseno, U. Wong, et al.
International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), 2003

A New Approach to Robotic Imitation of Behaviors by Decomposition of Multiple-Valued Relations
U. Wong, M. Perkowski
International Workshop on Boolean Problems, 2002

[Abstracts and Short Papers]

Micro-Rover Exploration of Lunar Pits Deployable by Commercial Lander
W. L Whittaker, H. Jones, U. Wong, J. S. Ford, W. C. Whittaker, N. Khera, A. Horchler
3rd International Planetary Caves Conference, 2020

Image and Lidar Dataset of the West Desert Sinkhole: An Analog for Steep-Walled Planetary Pits
J. S. Ford, P. J. Callaghan, U. Wong, H. Jones, W. C. Whittaker, W. L. Whittaker
3rd International Planetary Caves Conference, 2020

Astrobiology Survey of a Lava Cave at Lava Beds National Monument by a Rover Carrying a Remote Sensing Instrument Payload
U. Wong, C. Stoker, T. Cohen, A. Colaprete, E. Noe, J.R. Skok, T. Roush, J.G. Blank
Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon), 2019

NASA’s BRAILLE Project: Results from the 2018 Field Campaign at Lava Beds National Monument
J.G. Blank, A. Colaprete, T. Cohen, S. Datta, et al.
Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon), 2019

Characterization of Stereo Vision Performance for Roving at the Lunar Poles [pdf]
U. Wong, A. Nefian, L. Edwards, M. Furlong, X. Bouyssounouse, et al.
NASA Exploration Science Forum (NESF), 2016

Robotic Exploration and Science in Pits and Caves: Results from Three Years and Counting of Analog Field Experimentation [pdf]
U. Wong and W.L. Whittaker
2nd International Planetary Caves Conference, 2015

Astrobotic Technology: Planetary Pits and Caves for Science and Exploration
S. Huber, D. Hendrickson, H. Jones, J. Thornton, W.L., Whittaker, U. Wong
Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), 2014

Skylight: Mission to Investigate and Model a Lunar Pit
H.L. Jones, K. Peterson, W.L. Whittaker, U. Wong
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), 2013

[Technical Reports and Whitepapers]

Fusion of visible and thermal-infrared imagery for SLAM for landing on icy moons [pdf]
M. Gonzalez Felicio, P.M. Furlong, M. Dille, U. Wong
NASA Technical Memorandum, TM-2019-220241, 2019

Planetary Caves as Astrobiology Targets [pdf]
J.G. Blank, T. Roush, C. Stoker, A. Colaprete, et al.
Whitepaper submitted to the Space Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018

3D Modeling of Subterranean Environments by Robotic Survey [pdf]
A. Morris, U. Wong, Z. Omohundro, C. Whittaker, W. Whittaker
CMU Technical Report, 2007

Terrain Obstacle Detection and Analysis using LIDAR [pdf]
U. Wong
Wide Area Prospecting Using Supervised Autonomous Robots Project
CMU Technical Report, 2006


15-212 Principles of Programming Languages (2005, 2006)