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Sensor Characterization

    Many types of imaging and range sensors exist on the market. Manufacturer specifications are often non-comparable, collected in ideal settings, and not oriented to robotics application. The goal of this work was to provide a common basis for empirical comparison of optical sensors in underground environments. Collected performance metrics, such as data distribution and accuracy, are then used to optimize for sensor selection. The work included both an ideal laboratory characterization where a novel 3D “checkerboard” target was scanned from multiple perspectives and also an in situ component where mobile mapping in archetype underground scenes was compared. I helped create and lead the Sensor Characterization Lab at CMU, which successfully fulfilled a DOD contract and other funded work in this area.

    At NASA Ames, I built the “Lunar Lab” facility and similar technical practice for characterization of sensors used in planetary robotics.

    NASA Ames Lunar Lab Preview Standing at the Lunar poles Uland Wong explains lunar features and their effect on navigation algorithms to NASA Administrators